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          線切割機床的維護常識Maintenance knowledge of wire cutting machine tools
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          •      線切割機床不適合在污濁和高溫潮濕的環境中工作,電網供電環境也有較高的要求,機床供電電壓不應劣于±10%,三相應平衡穩定。線切割機床過于惡劣的電網必須加裝穩壓源。線切割機床機床除正常的保持整潔和潤滑以外,還必須用心維護如下幾個部位:
                線切割機床 控制柜與機床間的聯機電纜,拖地部分要有蓋板或塑料板保護,不可隨意踩踏,電纜要處于松弛自由狀態,不可以外力拉拽,不可使電纜插頭受力,不可將電纜波紋護套壓裂踩扁。
                線切割機床 床面上的任何部位均不得敲砸或碰撞,特別是不可因超行程運動使絲架與床面干涉,那將嚴重損毀機床零件或精度。


            Wire cutting machine tools are not suitable for working in dirty, high-temperature, and humid environments, and there are also high requirements for grid power supply environments. The power supply voltage of the machine tool should not be inferior to ± 10%, and the three-phase should be balanced and stable. The power grid of wire cutting machine tools that are too harsh must be equipped with a voltage stabilizing source. In addition to maintaining cleanliness and lubrication normally, wire cutting machine tools must also carefully maintain the following parts:
            The guide rails and screws of wire cutting machine tools must not be contaminated with dirt or water. Once dirt is found, it should be wiped clean with a clean cotton yarn and then lightly wiped with 10 # engine oil soaked in degreased cotton.
            For the service life of the guide rollers and bearings of wire cutting machine tools, excessively dirty coolant should also be replaced. If the machine tool is not turned on for a short period of time, it is necessary to let the guide rollers rotate without water for several tens of seconds, throw out the makeup, remove the screw plug of the guide roller seat, inject lubricating grease, and allow the dirt to be discharged through the oil gap to keep the guide rollers and bearings in a relatively clean state.
            The coupling and key on the wire cylinder shaft and motor of the wire cutting machine tool should always be in a tight and secure fit. Once the key loosens and the coupling makes a knocking sound, the buffer pad and key of the coupling should be replaced immediately. After a long period of reversing with gaps, the keyway on the shaft will become deformed and stretched.
            The online cable between the control cabinet of the wire cutting machine tool and the machine tool should be protected by a cover plate or plastic plate on the ground, and should not be stepped on casually. The cable should be in a loose and free state, and should not be pulled by external forces. The cable plug should not be subjected to force, and the corrugated sheath of the cable should not be crushed or flattened.
            When moving the control console (cabinet) of the wire cutting machine tool, it should be handled gently, and oily hands should not be inserted or pulled to touch the connector or keyboard.
            No part on the bed surface of the wire cutting machine tool should be knocked or collided, especially if the wire frame interferes with the bed surface due to overtravel movement, which will seriously damage the machine tool parts or accuracy.
            It is important to regularly ensure that the conductive block is in good conductivity and insulated from the bed. The padding on the workbench must be insulated from the bed, and the traction wire of the stepper motor should be in a free state. The stepper motor should ensure that there is no dirt or water entering.

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